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Hire a pro for reliable, quality snow removal this winter

Winter in Northeast Ohio is in full swing and when it comes to snow and ice accumulating around your home or your place of business, your goal is to have it gone. You don’t have to take on this job yourself. In fact, whether you are keeping your residential driveway or your retail parking lot clear of snow, there are benefits to hiring a pro to take care of it.

Why professional snow removal?

·         Save time – When snow flies overnight, your professional snow removal team is out first thing in the morning digging you out so you can get on with your day.

·         Avoid injury – Between slipping on ice and trying to lift heavy, wet snow with a shovel, injury is always a possibility—let the pros handle it.

·         The right equipment for the job – Your professional snow removal team brings sturdy plows of appropriate size as well as ice melt and sand to clear your property efficiently without causing damage to curbs and concrete.

·         Quality results – From safety to aesthetics, removing snow and ice properly and with care is important for your home and critical for your place of business.

Choose T2 Design

The team at T2 Design Lawn and Landscape always brings the right tools and equipment to your snow removal job. From ice scrapers and safe ice melt chemicals to high end snow throwers and plows, you can rely on a fully trained crew with the right tools for the smallest to the largest snow clearing jobs.

For residential clients, this means not getting snowed in. For commercial establishments, advantages are even greater because T2 Design uses GPS tracking and weather monitoring to stay ahead of storms and be proactive.

·         We know where our plows are at all we can optimize routes for all our clients.

·         We anticipate snowstorms, pretreat whenever possible, and schedule our team for large storms that can cause a backlog in service.

·         Our work is fast and accurate, taking into account the need for visibility and ensuring that your property can be safely navigated by drivers and pedestrians.

At T2 Design, we understand that as a business owner you want to know your property is safe. Our team understands safety regulations and is up to date on local ordinances that maintain the safety of your parking lots and walkways and reduce your liability.

Looking for professional, reliable snow removal this winter? T2 Design can save you time and money with scheduled snow removal and ice treatment that keeps you one step ahead of snowstorms. Call today for details!


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