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The serenity of a pond or moving water in your yard – if this has been your dream, contact the team at T2 Design. 
Having a pond, stream, or waterfall on your Bath or Uniontown property is easier than you think.

Our designers specialize in creating a custom water feature that works with the natural grading of your land while enhancing your use of outdoor space for relaxing, entertaining, and outdoor seasonal living. Our expert installation includes excavating and grading, liner, and circulation equipment. We use the highest quality materials and provide detailed information regarding care and treatment to keep your water feature running at its best for many years. 

Ask us about:

  • Waterfalls – Fully installed with natural or composite base and rocks.

  • Fountains – Custom designed to fit the look of your home or business

  • Streams – Installed to follow natural lines and levels on your property.

  • Waterlily, Koi, Goldfish ponds – Complete with care instructions for a healthy environment.

Our water features are designed to support fish and foliage that thrive in water environments so you can have the best of nature right in your backyard.

Contact T2 Design Lawn and Landscape today for more information about our custom waterscapes in Montrose, Ghent, and the surrounding area.

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