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Being proactive with snow, ice management

The key reason for staying on top of snow and ice removal is safety – yours, your family’s, visitors to your home, and clients and customers if you own a business. At T2 Design we understand that can be a challenge.

At this stage of winter, with the freeze and thaw cycle repeating, you are probably seeing trouble spots in parking areas and walkways. These may be low spots where water collects and freezes or areas where the pavement has broken and crumbled due to freezing. These areas may need extra attention or a proactive approach to keep them clear of ice.

Our team is ready to work with you to ensure your parking areas and walkways are clear. We do this by taking steps ahead of time.

·         We monitor weather reports so we are prepared for snow and ice.

·         We pretreat surfaces whenever possible.

·         We prioritize plowing and shoveling, then follow with deicers as needed.

·         We ensure our equipment is in top form to avoid damage to surfaces and curbs.

·         We encourage you to inspect your property regularly and advise us of uneven pavement and drainage issues so we can treat them properly.

Protecting your property

Timely and effective snow removal provides more than accessibility. It protects your property from damage that can occur due to the weight heavy snow can add to structures and surfaces. It also removes the risk of snow melting and refreezing, creating an icy surface that can present a dangerous situation for pedestrians and drivers.

We emphasize:

·         Identifying potential icy areas on your property

·         Prompt and thorough snow removal to minimize icy surfaces

·         Using effective and safe deicing agents to clear ice and before ice forms

At T2 Design, we schedule snow removal and ice management so your property is cleared and treated in time for safe navigation, whatever your purpose. Our methods take into account the need for visibility, ensuring that pedestrians can always be seen by drivers sharing that parking area or driveway.

When you schedule snow removal with our team, we have a system of prioritizing our work so no one is left waiting during a winter storm. Ongoing communication allows us to adjust our schedule as weather conditions change.

Call T2 Design today to get on our snow removal and ice management schedule.

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